Statement: “The Rainbow photo series presents details of a puzzled country, shifting its focus of historical and everyday cultural cross-sections of South African society and the confusion that develops in constructing identity within these. I compose these disparate details in past, present and future flashes of a country which we now have to re-imagine or remove if we are to understand one another.
Although all images are moments captured, not staged, Rainbow is not documentary but, rather, pure invention, a fluid interpretation of place and time that will continue to evolve as our country wrestles to find its voice. The series does not attempt to capture any particular event, but rather the everyday conditions that ultimately lead to historical events.
I position myself in key geographical and social areas of transition; highlighting the lines of contrast when racialised consciousness dominates a society’s peoples, landscapes, and structures. The result is a catalog of cultures in transition, traces of the familiar alongside the peculiar, and the formation of post-Colonial and Apartheid identities in a landscape as diverse as its peoples.”