Cape Town


New York



Street Melodies Eternal is a three part chaotic construction of Cape Town, New York and London. A raw reality check into the state of mind and movement of the cities.

Filmed on a GoPro Hero2. No extraneous sounds were used.

These videos present the rhythms and cracked up wisdom as a direct link to the movement and mind of the respective cities, and problems that the countries find themselves in. In short, homeless people are the evidence of the failure of an idea.

Cape Town, South Africa:
In Cape Town, the legacy of apartheid and the ‘dop system’ still permeate heavily through generations of black and coloured people. People generally think that it is the individuals fault that they are homeless, without thinking about the broader context of the complex country.

New York, USA:
Most of my interactions with the homeless were war veterans (from the Vietnam era to Iraq) who suffer from post-traumatic stress and so turn to self medication with illegal drugs or prescription drugs. Because of the drugs, Christian eschatology enforcing the ongoing idea of the ‘Rapture’, heavy police presence and reduced civil liberties and freedom in the name of an expanded security state; paranoia is heightened and talk of the end of the world is common, along with fear of authorities or the ‘all seeing eye’. There were more mentally ill ramblers than 24 hour inebriated alcoholic stumblers as in Cape Town. And these ‘loonies’ are not catered for once they are back home and have lost a piece or part of their lives after eliminating other lives in a foreign country.

London, UK:
Many people that I chatted with chose to be homeless by stepping outside of the societal pressures of a system or they were facing a major crisis, be it relationship or work related. Smart men and women, well spoken with sharp opinions on the current state of their country spoke of social cleansing and illegal immigrants. As though the lofty are disgusted by the low-life homeless and illegal immigrants and would love it if they ‘were all rounded up, put in a container, and dropped into the ocean’.