Sean Metelerkamp was born in 1984 in Knysna, South Africa.
His fascination with photography began in the darkroom at boarding school. At home on school holidays, he escaped into the music videos of MTV’s golden age.
These interests led to photographing and directing music videos for independent South African musicians, most notably Afrikaner punk rock band, Fokofpolisiekar. The music videos included Antibiotika (2008) and ten years later Parkiebank (2018).
Sean’s first exhibition was at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, in 2010 as part of the the Youtube Play for his video Zef-Side (2009) for South African rap rave crew, Die Antwoord. Zef Side also went on to win London’s D&AD Yellow Pencil for Best Music Video in 2011.
New York Times article – “The Home Video rises to Museum Grade”
A six-month residency followed at Residency Unlimited in New York.

During this brief period in the USA, Sean connected with Death Grips – an experimental band from Sacramento, California – and has gone on to make three videos with them: Black Google (2011) and Eh (2016) and Interview 2016 (2016).
Returning to South Africa, Sean decided to push pause on music videos and focus on photographing aspect of his homeland.
In 2014 Sean travelled throughout South Africa, with two other photographers, to explore to what extent Nelson Mandela’s vision had been achieved. Twenty Journey, a successfully funded Kickstarter project, culminated in a print publication that was subsequently nominated as Design Indaba’s ‘Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ award in 2015. Sean’s debut feature documentary, The Journeymen, opened the Durban International Film Festival, on the 40th anniversary of Youth Day (16 June 2016) and won the award for Best South African Documentary.
Variety article – “Durban: Fest Opener ‘Journeymen’ Explores Authentic South Africa”
In other news, the Knysna Fires gutted Seans family home in the perfect fire.
Daily Maverick article – “Knysna Blaze in Retrospect: Photographer captures the order of things disrupted by a firestorm
Sean is currently completing an immersive photographic inquiry, which began in 2010, after a family member was committed to the Drug Education Council Ministries in Noupoort.

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